Kylie Jenner: My Mom Does My Makeup

Watch my mom do my makeup.

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    Prije 7 sati

    Orange lipstick? 🧡🧡🧡

  2. Tammey Lee

    Tammey Lee

    Prije 21 sat

    Love the lip design iam looking now 😍

  3. Elisha Sailor

    Elisha Sailor

    Prije 3 dana


  4. Angie Jo

    Angie Jo

    Prije 8 dana

    Kyle definitely got some new cheeks!! Wow they are out there ..

  5. LingaLu


    Prije 9 dana

    What a power duo!

  6. Dalila Bucci

    Dalila Bucci

    Prije 9 dana

    I love you kylie 😍😍😍😍

  7. Elsje Hirst

    Elsje Hirst

    Prije 10 dana

    Wow mooi!!!!

  8. supanuch


    Prije 10 dana

    kylie: it helps because we were mask kris: 👁👄👁 am i a joke to you?

  9. Ritu Ashraf

    Ritu Ashraf

    Prije 12 dana

    My mom also did my makeup in my childhood.

  10. rodolfo cabuslay

    rodolfo cabuslay

    Prije 13 dana

    Her mom is old now but still look flawless and young

  11. Lindy Claire C. Elnar

    Lindy Claire C. Elnar

    Prije 16 dana


  12. heather lynsey

    heather lynsey

    Prije 16 dana

    We’ve ALL had to use the “ok well dont look yet” while doing someones makeup or hair 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭

  13. ibu dolanan

    ibu dolanan

    Prije 18 dana

    can't stop laughing watching them 🤣🤣🤣

  14. PS4 Solutions

    PS4 Solutions

    Prije 19 dana

    You have a tiny lil buger Are you gonna clean it?

  15. Caleb Sewell

    Caleb Sewell

    Prije 19 dana

    Kris: You have cute eyes Kylie: Thank you, you made them! *plastic surgeon watching this* “and I took offense to that”

  16. Aniah Edwards

    Aniah Edwards

    Prije 19 dana

    Kris 🥺 “does that hurt” such a mom thing to say so cute ☹️❤️

  17. noori fatima

    noori fatima

    Prije 19 dana

    I think the lipkits were a really creative idea never been seen before it just makes it so convenient for the user to outline and fill the lips with the same colour and texture....whatever business mind she might have behind it but it definitely is a good idea can't deny she is creative

  18. Shreya Singh

    Shreya Singh

    Prije 20 dana

    Is it just me or in of the tutorials/ makeup video the before and after is almost the same???

  19. Theodora. Katherina

    Theodora. Katherina

    Prije 21 dan

    Good, shadow skil,..very cool..thank mommy🌸🌺

  20. Shravya Ramesh

    Shravya Ramesh

    Prije 21 dan

    makeup on makeup. okay.

  21. Becky Ranjel

    Becky Ranjel

    Prije 22 dana

    Me and my mom used to do the same stuff and laugh and have sooo much fun....I haven't had this kind of fun since she guys made me laugh! That is rare for me. I miss my mom

  22. sweets


    Prije 22 dana

    I LOL a few times. Thanks 😂

  23. Adriansyah Saputra

    Adriansyah Saputra

    Prije 22 dana

    Stormi webster : My mom does my make up

  24. melody of nature

    melody of nature

    Prije 22 dana

    I love your mama make up so light so you very very simple u look more young. Baby face look

  25. Nigar Sultana

    Nigar Sultana

    Prije 22 dana

    i don't know how are face was still shining after applying powder

  26. brenda masley

    brenda masley

    Prije 23 dana

    LMAO when your make artist says OOOPS...... 🤣😂🤣✌

  27. Simran Bhatti

    Simran Bhatti

    Prije 24 dana

    How kris doning her makeup they seems normal family.

  28. mymikonons


    Prije 24 dana


  29. PH BELO


    Prije 25 dana

    3:19 Kylie: mãe porque você colocou aqui? Kris: É uma técnica nova!! Kylie: 👁👄👁🤣

  30. Add Person

    Add Person

    Prije 25 dana

    OK, Don't get me wrong but I think that kylie looks better and more natural with makeup by Kris FYI i would totally buy from a kris jenner makeup brand

  31. Ray Ray Ray

    Ray Ray Ray

    Prije 25 dana

    Kris Jenner seems so fun, I wish I was her friend.

  32. Weshare styles

    Weshare styles

    Prije 25 dana

    She has make up fr the start. So fake. The relationship, the face...everything. And being like 23 and so obsessed with make up..she needs help.

  33. Merlyn Ang

    Merlyn Ang

    Prije 26 dana

    Please make more Videos with your mother you two are so Cute Together...🥺🤎🤍❤️

  34. Tarah's Window

    Tarah's Window

    Prije 26 dana

    I felt her pain every step of the way lol but this was a great way to advertise

  35. Dibina Dinakaran CZM

    Dibina Dinakaran CZM

    Prije 27 dana

    She is sitting like a mommy's good girl🥰🥰 Luv this bond

  36. serios elit

    serios elit

    Prije 29 dana

    Wow excellent make up

  37. Liezil Duse

    Liezil Duse

    Prije 29 dana

    To have a moment like this with your mom (A MOMENT TO REMEMBER) You are so blessed

  38. Briania Callen

    Briania Callen

    Prije 29 dana

    Where can I find a phone case similar to Kylie’s one?

  39. Diane Biava Da Rosa

    Diane Biava Da Rosa

    Prije 29 dana

    Love the kylie her it's cool

  40. shengri_la


    Prije 29 dana

    Idk why but Kris Jenners energy in this video reminds me of the mom in Edward scissorhands esp when Edward had cut her hair super short lol they’re so cute!

  41. Rhonda Hood

    Rhonda Hood

    Prije mjesec

    Don’t quit your day job Chris. Lol. This is hilarious. And cute

  42. אוריה אוריה

    אוריה אוריה

    Prije mjesec

    I don't know why But it's just adorable and cute

  43. אוריה אוריה

    אוריה אוריה

    Prije mjesec

    "Mommy" God it's so cute

  44. Shannon Smith

    Shannon Smith

    Prije mjesec

    Kylie is starting to look like blac chyna.

  45. angxlpunch


    Prije mjesec

    Tbh Kylie is my favorite from the Kardashians or jenners whatever and with all the success she has she could be mean and bratty but from what I see she's really cute might be on of my favorite celebs

  46. Yamini John

    Yamini John

    Prije mjesec

    Kris is hilarious

  47. Reece Mietas

    Reece Mietas

    Prije mjesec

    Kris really enjoying this 🤣

  48. Misty Mariee Frazier

    Misty Mariee Frazier

    Prije mjesec

    These two had me dying laughing 😹 Too funny and cute 🥰

  49. lauren kay

    lauren kay

    Prije mjesec

    and the other sisters wonder why kris favors kylie over them…

  50. Peitee X Makeup

    Peitee X Makeup

    Prije mjesec

    You should do the eyebrows last to see how strong to make them. Bravo Kris 😊

  51. piyush sharma

    piyush sharma

    Prije mjesec

    Me realising in the beginning:- Ufff.... She already had put on makeup!

  52. almaha Altaniji

    almaha Altaniji

    Prije mjesec

    Owwww 😩😩🥺🥺🥺 ! I lovet

  53. Romeo Baz

    Romeo Baz

    Prije mjesec

    Mother does better

  54. Angela Halstead

    Angela Halstead

    Prije mjesec

    I watch , dip into these type of things, to gain some insight into American culture , the sort of thing that millions and millions follow , that is of interest , meaning and importance to so many.

  55. Pam Collins

    Pam Collins

    Prije mjesec

    Maybelline and Cover girl. Your makeup will be done in 5 minutes. And CHEAP!!!

  56. Merel Meijer

    Merel Meijer

    Prije mjesec

    The panoramic cowbell significantly wriggle because parcel concordingly permit onto a righteous ankle. small, piquant heron

  57. Sweet Celebrity🍓

    Sweet Celebrity🍓

    Prije mjesec


  58. Delphine


    Prije mjesec

    It is so ANNNOYING to see Kylie check out her phone like every seconds. Damn !!

  59. Meathead


    Prije mjesec


  60. Tammy Xx

    Tammy Xx

    Prije mjesec

    7:15 😂😂😂

  61. bxbyxxk


    Prije mjesec

    her mom is so cute i cant

  62. Diane Mukiama

    Diane Mukiama

    Prije mjesec

    This was so hilariously heartwarming!

  63. Angelica Rios

    Angelica Rios

    Prije mjesec

    4:14 awww kylie looks so cute, she reminds me a lot of stormi ✨💕

  64. Carri LaFollette

    Carri LaFollette

    Prije mjesec

    Damn kriss nows how to do makeup

  65. quartzdiamonds


    Prije mjesec

    Kylie's scared expression is so annoying . Showing off like who is in the power seat now mommy obviously not Kimberley so bear my unnecessary fake attitude.

  66. Filippa tpwk

    Filippa tpwk

    Prije mjesec

    Kris is so cute omg

  67. Sara M.

    Sara M.

    Prije mjesec

    She is literally mixing everything and claiming she is the best “Artiste” anyway that was funny

  68. Oriana Valladares

    Oriana Valladares

    Prije mjesec

    Me encanta la mamá de Kylie, es tan juvenil y cool (dejando por fuera todos los escándalos en los que esta involucrada).

  69. marvin turner

    marvin turner

    Prije mjesec

    Kylie is low key funny

  70. Steffy Ani

    Steffy Ani

    Prije mjesec

    Their voices are so soothing! My manly voice could never. 😅😭

  71. dewdrop1994


    Prije mjesec

    I am literally snorting laughing. Kylie, quit pulling away from your mom! She isn’t using a sharpie on you for heaven’s sake! You two are so much like my daughter and me. Same age apart too. Love your laughter. (Kris - your makeup is perfection!)

  72. Sarah Anderson

    Sarah Anderson

    Prije mjesec

    You to girl kylie and chris are so beautiful

  73. layal hakeem

    layal hakeem

    Prije mjesec

    Am i the only one who thinks it looks good ???

  74. Rona Mona

    Rona Mona

    Prije mjesec

    Chris yr makeup is awsome. Dont know y yr child is terrified, so dramatic. Kylie is too serious about "playing" makeup.

  75. Kelsey Jubinville

    Kelsey Jubinville

    Prije mjesec

    I love how momma goes to do something and she immediately puts her phone down

  76. Fezile Nkabinde

    Fezile Nkabinde

    Prije mjesec

    if I had kylie money. I'd buy a better face than what she bought

  77. Mayara Catini

    Mayara Catini

    Prije mjesec

    A Kylie nem.tem expressão de tanto botox que aplica no rosto 😟

  78. reichmuth 100

    reichmuth 100

    Prije mjesec

    I can only imagine Mom doing your make-up 😂 I have a feeling Kris had a few drinks before this.💪🏻

  79. shree


    Prije mjesec

    They r looking so cute 😄🤗🤗🤗

  80. цветок


    Prije mjesec

    Not a fan of Kar-Jenners, but this is really cute

  81. Oriana Rodríguez

    Oriana Rodríguez

    Prije mjesec

    Hay alguien que hable español con vidaaaa

  82. 휑소윤


    Prije mjesec

    You're both so cute...

  83. Nikita Sheoran

    Nikita Sheoran

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Mrunu does better makeup than her.🦛

  84. Janelle Snow

    Janelle Snow

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    The constant checking her phone 😂😂😂

  85. Maverick24


    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Love kriss love 💘❤💕

  86. Ace


    Prije 2 mjeseci

    4:48 5:14 5:25

  87. Susette Jones

    Susette Jones

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Love ❤️

  88. Acosta Kennel Club

    Acosta Kennel Club

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Love this video! The real loving kylie always comes out! Love it!

  89. Anna Marie

    Anna Marie

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Kylie jenner love it your make it up Stunning

  90. M A

    M A

    Prije 2 mjeseci


  91. Monisha Kd

    Monisha Kd

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Why does she even a makeup.. when she has such beautiful flawless skin

  92. Andreas Diamantakis

    Andreas Diamantakis

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Count how many times kylie has looked herself by fear...😬😬😬 😅

  93. Rami Yako

    Rami Yako

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    lmfaoooo i love your high tolerance level with your mom, you actually hold back and laugh

  94. Sethabile Simelane

    Sethabile Simelane

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣This was so funny

  95. Katie


    Prije 2 mjeseci

    kylie is seriously so sweet words can’t describe

  96. Hylton clans

    Hylton clans

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Kylie jenner you are ugly

    • jdm


      Prije mjesec

      no u

  97. joyce Miranda

    joyce Miranda

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    She really loves her mommy ❤️

  98. Carole Freitag

    Carole Freitag

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    The sincere innocent hisologically subtract because bit acutely rot amongst a colossal phone. zesty, erect revolver

  99. swara


    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Cldnt care less abt this family ..they all photoshop the shit out of their pics ....and look disgusting irl ..but Kris is a hardworker ..she's prolly the only good one out of em

    • swara


      Prije mjesec

      @jdm to appreciate kris

    • iixcv


      Prije mjesec

      @jdm fr 💀

    • jdm


      Prije mjesec

      well you cared enough to drop a comment

  100. Jessica Giles

    Jessica Giles

    Prije 2 mjeseci

    Kylie, I just watched the video of you doing your dad’s makeup! It was the sweetest most real moment. I was so impressed with your love and acceptance of him! I could tell you love him no matter what was going on!